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MSc Transport (Spec. Transport Systems Engineering and Management)

If you study transport, you learn how to organize and optimize the logistics of transportation of all kinds - water, air, land and industrial shipment. You will become familiar with storage technologies, find out how to evaluate transport systems, and improve the transportation processes that are already in place. During workshops, you will gain knowledge of: the infrastructure of transport, theory of the movement of vehicles, design and production of the means of transport, logistics, reloading systems and the economy of shipment. The knowledge and skills gained during your studies are needed in this time of global economy. Therefore you should have no problems finding work in specialist shipping companies as well as in public administration institutions.

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Degree: Master Description
Course Title: Transport Description
Where: Warsaw University of Technology Description
Language: Polish

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1,5 year 3 000 € 1 000 € Şimdi kitap

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