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MSc Computer Science (Spec. Artifical Intelligence)

Computer sciences will give you a solid knowledge of both object-oriented and procedural programming. You will learn how to administer computer networks, necessary for all big companies nowadays. You will also explore computer engineering and learn about advanced calculating methods used not only in technology but also in medicine and physics. While studying computer science, you will participate in various lab projects like computer simulations of various technological processes. Thanks to all those practical skills gained during the course of your studies, you will have no problem finding work. Due to the fast development of technology and science, Information Technology Specialists are in demand in all industry and economic sectors.

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Degree: Master Description
Course Title: Computer sciences Description
Where: Warsaw University of Technology Description
Language: Polish

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Duration Total cost Semestr başına masraf
2 years 8 400 € 2 100 € Şimdi kitap

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