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When studying anthropology, archeology, the study of cultures and ethnology you learn about the history of human populations from ancient times. You will explore the role of humans among other living beings and discover the ways human populations have survived. Additionally, you will learn how customs emerge depending on the time and place, how cultures are organized and what rules govern them. Finally, you will find out how high culture is being born and what are its specifics. Such specializations increase a student´s awareness as a human who is both the participant in and the creator of culture. Similarly, the student is able to appreciate the subtleties of international cultures, help others to understand the differences among them and show how to pass that knowledge on to others. In our multicultural world of various religions, such fields of study constitute an extremely important factor in decreasing social conflicts. Another important social factor is cultural animation. If you decide to pursue the study of cultures you can choose such a specialization and learn how to manage cultural institutions. In this way, you will have a direct influence on the cultural awareness of the areas where you work.

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Degree: PhD Description
Course Title: Anthropology, Archeology, Cultural & Ethnic Studies Description
Where: Warsaw University of Technology Description
Language: English

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