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BSc Electric and Hybrid Vehicles Engineering

The Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Engineering (in English and in Polish)

The Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Engineering field of study (IPEH) is appropriate for those who want to become engineers working in the fields of intensive science and technology development, ready to work on electro-mechanical drive construction, in particular for hybrid and electric vehicles including special vehicles.Education in this field of study allows for gaining multidisciplinary knowledge necessary for design and technical support for complex technical systems with energy-accumulation in view of the analyses of basic physicochemical processes, applying non-conventional materials and automatic control.Modern approach to the educational process provides the graduate with indispensable basic knowledge, extended in the scope appropriate to technical complexity of contemporary environmentally-friendly vehicles, but mainly to skills in engineering design analysis.The graduate has knowledge of basic science issues in the area of electric and hybrid drives and knowledge of modern materials and component technology indispensable for practical implementation of electric and hybrid drives.The Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Engineering field of study is available as BSc studies of the full-time study mode.  

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Degree: Bachelor Description
Course Title: Engineering Description
Where: Warsaw University of Technology Description
Language: English

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