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6-year Doctor of Medicine (M.D.)

This program is based on the Polish curriculum and is designed for European and other candidates who have graduated from high school and obtained good grades in physics, chemistry, biology and English Language. The course is divided into two parts:
Part I, occupying the two preclinical years, is devoted mainly to the following subjects: anatomy, medical biology, chemistry, biochemistry, histology and embryology, physiology, medical Latin and medical Polish. During this period clinical aspects of these topics are gradually introduced.
Part II starts in the third year and occupies the remaining four years of the course. After completing all the theoretical and clinical subjects and passing all the necessary examinations the student is awarded the M.D. medical diploma.

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Degree: Master Description
Course Title: Health sciences Description
Where: Poznan University of Medical Sciences Description
Language: English

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Duration Total cost Semestr başına masraf
6 years 13 529 € 1 127 € Şimdi kitap

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