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EUA’s mission as the voice of Europe’s universities is to influence the outcomes of European level policy debates on issues that will have an impact both at national level on the work of national university associations and for the association’s individual member universities. Equally, EUA looks to support its members in understanding and responding to these developments in an ever-more complex and competitive global environment.

As the pan-European platform for universities, EUA is the key partner for policy makers at European level in the increasingly broad range of public policy domains in which universities have a role to play.

The key priorities for universities and for EUA have been outlined in the organisation’s work programme and more recently in the Prague Declaration which have been developed and adopted by the organisations’ member universities.


“EFMD is now firmly established as the network organisation for progressive business schools - located both in Europe and worldwide, as well as for leading corporations committed to executive development. EFMD has indeed become a ‘global meeting place’ – through its global network. Quality and relevance are everything in today’s world of executive development. The demands from students, executive participants and corporations set this agenda. EFMD is playing a leading role in stimulating the enhancement of quality and relevance. The EQUIS quality initiative stands out! Networks become alive and effective because of the people that are active within them. EFMD is activating a broad cadre of educators, business school leaders and executives. It provides numerous events giving us the opportunity to get together to exchange viewpoints. This catalytic role represents perhaps the most important value creation of our energetic EFMD.”

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